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About CReLIC


CReLIC evolves as a Centre of excellence and a hub of knowledge on climate resilience for local infrastructure at LGED and for Bangladesh, acting and operating as a multidisciplinary advisory team, working under an integrated approach in close coordination with key units of LGED as well as with other Bangladeshi institutions.


Systematically support LGED for the integration of climate change adaptation into decision-making regarding local infrastructure planning, design, supervision and maintenance through providing access to quality climate data and analysis, regularly reviewing and adapting guidelines and procedures and building LGED´s capacities accordingly.

Principles and Values

The operation of CReLIC will be guided by the following principles and values:

  • Multidisciplinary way of working. Climate change adaptation is a process that involves different approach from science like meteorology, geography, environmental sciences, social sciences, among other.
  • Interinstitutional cooperation and collaboration. While original focus of CReLIC is to support the capacity building process of LGED to deal with climate change challenges regarding the provision of infrastructure, the Centre aims to collaborate with all other organizations within Bangladesh and abroad, to be able to capture the most appropriate knowledge and information available.
  • Transparency and accountability. The CReLIC activities must be reported and the administration of resources from different partners will be reported to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.
  • Social approach to promote methods that fit the cultural context. While keeping a high standard of quality the process supported by CReLIC should promote social participation in the climate resilient provision of infrastructure from LGED.
  • Quality and opportunity in the provision of services. The team must ensure that the highest quality of the information and analysis of climate data, as well as providing services promptly to contribute to the efficiency of the infrastructure provision.
  • Gender-sensitive approach. Adopt a gender-sensitive approach, efficiently contributing to gender equality and achieving greater and more sustainable climate change results, outcomes, and impacts.

Services of CReLIC

The services that are currently being developed and tested by CReLIC are as follows. The services of CReLIC will gradually evolve as per demand from LGED and its stakeholders.

Service Package 1:

Knowledge Management System for climate resilient local infrastructure.

  • Connect with Expertise
  • Provide Rural, Urban and Water sector data and information.
  • Communicate Solutions, act as a Help Desk
  • Act as a Catalyst through Knowledge Creation

Service Package 2:

Guidelines, procedures: design (development and/or update/upgrade) for Climate resilient Infrastructure.

  • Conduct Climate Risks Screening, Climate Impact Analysis (CIA)

o Collect necessary Climate Data

o Collaboration with other agencies

  • Support filling up TPP/DPP format from a climate perspective.

o Understanding of the Climate Resilience Tool (CRT)

o Understanding required climate aspects, information

  • Conduct research, update work process/ guidelines, procedures regularly.
  • Store climate-related guidelines, policy, design of infrastructure, etc.
  • Propose recommendations based on the forecast of climatic issues.
  • Propose construction, maintenance-related best practices for LGED infrastructure.
  • Recommend on environment-friendly alternative material use.
  • Act as advisor to urban sector, rural sector and water resources:
  1. Align with the national rules, laws
  2. To follow the pilot case study
  3. Study journals, proceedings, research and innovations Advise on solutions regarding identified problems.
  4. Advise on solutions regarding identified problems.
  • Locally develop a development team.

Service Package 3:

Training, awareness, mainstreaming on Climate Resilient Infrastructure.

  • Capacitate through Learning & Training on the climate related aspects.
  • Mainstreaming climate concepts and methods regularly.

CReLIC Services at a glance

Key Staff

During the project period, the Government of Bangladesh supports the project with the assignment of the following personnel (not based on seniority): Additional Chief Engineer and Director-CReLIC; Project Director, CRIM; Deputy Project Director, CRIM; Executive Engineer, CReLIC; Senior Assistant Engineers, CReLIC and Senior Assistant Engineers, CRIM.

Contact details

Climate Resilient Local Infrastructure Centre (CReLIC), Local Government Engineering Department, LGED Bhaban (Level 11), Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

Email: [email protected], (Director, CReLIC).