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Institutional Development Consultants (IDC)

IDC Team
Name Designation Email Address Contact Number
Daan Boom Team Leader /Sr.Organizational Development Expert [email protected] 01911910233
Antonio Carlos Javier Arenas Romero International Sr. Organizational Development Expert [email protected]
Oyvind Homdrom Senior Civil Engineering Specialist [email protected] 01778820974
Néstor Eduardo Zapata Retamal Senior Institutional Specialist [email protected] 01881494305
Md. Faruque Biswas Knowledge Management Specialist (Climate Change) [email protected] 01711039294
Md. Golam Kibria Deputy Team Leader /Knowledge Management Specialist (Civil Engineering) [email protected] 01712312799
Md. Nazmul Hakim ICT Specialist [email protected] 0171644 6115
Munawar Sohel Organizational Development Specialist (Urban Planning and Management) [email protected] 01715688492
Md. Lutfor Rahman Civil Engineering Specialist (Water Management) [email protected]  01715039646
MD. Banda Hafiz Training Specialist [email protected] 01779747905
Mohamed Abdur Rouf Akhand Training Specialist (Online Learning and Facilitation) [email protected] 01711549452
Syed Mahabub Ahsan Public Relations/ Marketing Specialist [email protected] 01715009226
Mahmood Reaz Management/ Project Management Specialist [email protected] 01755618426
Short Term Experts
Name Designation  Email Contact Number
A.K.M Luthfur Rahman Sr. Climate Resilient Infrastructure Specialist [email protected] 01715004370
Mozammel Hoque Sr. Institutional Development Specialist [email protected] 01713046735
Arafat Hossain Khan Legal Expert [email protected] 01714130360
G.M. Khairul Islam Training & Communication Specialist [email protected] 01711479306
Ruksana Begum Gender Expert [email protected] 01711824537
Wahid Tawsif Prithu Web Developer [email protected] 01708354468

Support Staffs

Name  Designation  Email Contact Number
Md. Shahjahan Office Manager [email protected] 01819199228
Tajia Jafrin Smitha Researcher & Translator [email protected] 01678174387
Sabiha Hasrat Project Accountant  [email protected] 01670444505
Md. Rezaul Haque Documentation Specialist [email protected] 01710876415