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CReLIC evolves as a Centre of excellence and a hub of knowledge on climate resilience for local infrastructure at LGED and for Bangladesh, acting and operating as a multidisciplinary advisory team, working under an integrated approach in close coordination with key units of LGED as well as with other Bangladeshi institutions.

Systematically support LGED for the integration of climate change adaptation into decision-making regarding local infrastructure planning, design, supervision and maintenance through providing access to quality climate data and analysis, regularly reviewing and adapting guidelines and procedures and building LGED´s capacities accordingly.

The operation of CReLIC will be guided by the following principles and values:

  • Multidisciplinary way of working.
  • Interinstitutional cooperation and collaboration.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Social approach to promote methods that fit the cultural context.
  • Quality and opportunity in the provision of services.
  • Gender-sensitive approach.

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The services that are currently being developed and tested by CReLIC are as follows. The services of CReLIC will gradually evolve as per demand from LGED and it’s stakeholders.

Service Package 1: Knowledge Management System for climate resilient local infrastructure.

Service Package 2: Guidelines, procedures: design (development and/or update/upgrade) for Climate resilient Infrastructure.

Service Package 3: Training, awareness, mainstreaming on Climate Resilient Infrastructure.

During the project period, the Government of Bangladesh supports the project with the assignment of the following personnel (not based on seniority): Additional Chief Engineer and Director- CReLIC; Project Director, CRIM; Deputy Project Director, CRIM; Executive Engineer, CReLIC; Senior Assistant Engineers, CReLIC and Senior Assistant Engineers, CRIM.

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Address: LGED Bhaban, 11th, floor, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207

Phone: +88-0244826211

Email: [email protected]