CReLIC’s working group meeting

Under the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Mainstreaming (CRIM) project, the Department of Local Government Engineering (LGED), Green Climate Fund, German Development Bank, and Government of Bangladesh funding towards establishing a Climate Resilient Local Infrastructure Center (CReLIC), which will help mainstream climate change resilience in the formulation, design, implementation, and evaluation of local infrastructure development.

Four separate working groups comprising LGED officials have been formed to facilitate the institutionalization of CReLIC. The goal of the Working Groups is to provide advisory services to facilitate the implementation and coordination of CReLIC’s activities so that CReLIC’s goals can be achieved. Walking groups will further enhance the communication system between the various units of LGED and play a leading role in the institutional evolution and development of LGED.

Following this, Mr. Md. Ahsan Habib, Additional Chief Engineer (ICT Unit) and Chairperson Working Group 1 presided over the first and second meeting of Working Group 1 KMS (Knowledge Management System) on 31st March and 01st June 2021.

In addition, on March 25 and May 24, 2021, Mr. A. K. M. Luthfar Rahman Additional Chief Engineer and Director (CReLIC) and Chairperson Working Group 2 (Guidelines and Specifications), presided over the first and second meetings of Working Group II.

The first and the second meeting took place on 01st April and 28th May 2021 under the chairmanship of Mr.Habibul Aziz Additional Chief Engineer (Human Resource Development Unit), Chairperson Working Group 3 (Mainstreaming)

The views of the members of the group attending the working group meetings are taken. The group members reviewed and exchanged opinions on introductions, explanations of group objectives and functions, presentations, and reports submitted by the consulting organization, and the group members present expressed their views. At the meetings, all the chairpersons and members reiterated their support and commitment to a concerted effort to ensure the smooth institutionalization of CReLIC.