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Hazard Category Name of the Organization Links / Data Source
All-in-One Platform Disaster and Climate Risk Information Platform (DRIP) http://drip.plancomm.gov.bd/
All-in-One Platform Climate Change Knowledge Portal (CCKP)  https://climateknowledgeportal.worldbank.org/country/bangladesh
All-in-One Platform Think Hazards (Data from BMD and Ministry Disaster Man. and Relief) https://thinkhazard.org/en/report/23-bangladesh
All-in-One Platform The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) https://www.ipcc.ch/
IPCC 6th Assessment Report

IPCC Data for AR6

Sixth Assessment Report — IPCC
IPCC Working Group I (WGI): Sixth Assessment Report

IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas

IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas
Weather Forecasting Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) https://live3.bmd.gov.bd/
Erosion (riverbank) Processing and Flood Forecasting Circle (BWDB) CEGIS charges appear www.hydrology.bwdb.gov.bd
Flash Flood

Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), 

Disaster and Climate Risk Information Platform (DRIP)

Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre, BWDB, Bangladesh (ffwc.gov.bd)

MapView – DRIP (plancomm.gov.bd)

River Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) CEGIS :: Services (cegisbd.com)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and

Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute

Assessment of the impact of sea level rise on salinity intrusion in coastal areas of Bangladesh (buet.ac.bd)

 বাংলাদেশ ওশানোগ্রাফিক রিসার্চ ইনস্টিটিউট- (portal.gov.bd)

Sea Level Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute Assessment/Trend AnalysisBORI
Soil Substance Survey of Bangladesh  Survey of Bangladesh- (sob.gov.bd)
Tsunami International  Tsunami Information Centre Databases – International Tsunami Information Center (ioc-unesco.org)
GHG, Carbon EN-Roads and C-Roads (simulation) C-ROADS (climateinteractive.org)
Global climate and weather data  World Climate Global climate and weather data — WorldClim 1 documentation
Global climate and water data

Global Water Monitor

Global Water Monitor – Up to date, global information on climate and water (wenfo.org)

Losses and Damages

Falling through the gaps: how global failures to address the climate crisis are leading to increased losses and damages.

Flood Resilience Portal